Diaton Tonometer DIATON Tonometer measures Intraocular Pressure (IOP) for Glaucoma over the Eyelid. Quick, painless, easy-to-use test can be done in Primary Care office without effect on the eye. No need to use numbing drops or take out contact lenses. Reading is done over upper eyelid and sclera - no contact with cornea. Takes less than 1 min for both eyes. Connect now
A&D Medical Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System The A&D Medical Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System (ABPM) allows health care professionals to automatically monitor a patient’s blood pressure throughout the day. ABPM therapy can help differentiate hypertension from white coat hypertension and the data generated can be used to adjust patient medication levels. This compact monitor has sophisticated tracking ca... Connect now
AccuDexa Bone Densitometer The accuDEXA Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment System provides a quick, convenient and economical measure for determining a patient's fracture risk. Connect now
ACUSON Cypress™ cardiovascular system PLUS New Cypress system PLUS engineers pioneered technology miniaturization, such as subsystems designed into reprogrammable logic chips and high-speed, full-resolution image transfer to the internal hard drive. Furthermore, advanced architectural partitioning allows the Cypress platform to provide large system performance in an 8 kg (19 lb.) portable system, without comprom... Connect now
Advanced Clinical Products – VatPlus Vestibular Test The Vestibular Autorotation Test(VAT®) evaluates how well the inner ear is functioning. The test results are also used to design a treatment plan specific to your patients problem Connect now
ADView Vital Signs Monitor ADC, a world leader in core diagnostic products for over a quarter of a century, partnered with Suntech, the premier developer of innovative blood pressure technology to create the first truly modular diagnostic station that grows with your needs. Connect now
Allergy Testing Bring more patients and increase reimbursement by delivering a complete allergy solution to your non-allergy practice! A comprehensive allergy program is a central component to total patient care. Allergy is a primary care problem. You can have the solution. Connect now
Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Assessment The ANS Assessment System is a quick, clinically powerful and easy to use non-invasive system to test for hidden diseases. Connect now
Axon-II Neural Scanner Identify the root cause of many common pain symptoms through a simple in-office test! Advanced technology accurately identifies the exact level and side of the nerve root cause of pain that is usually not detected during motor nerve studies performed with EMG/NCV.
Connect now
Base Cabinet Set with 3 Doors, 3 Drawers and Desk Clinton provides fast and effective quality cabinets for office, clinic or exam rooms. Cabinets ship in pre-assembled units and are easy to install. Multiple laminate color options make these cabinets perfect to coordinate with Clinton table upholstery for a truly professional look. Connect now
Brewer Basic Exam Table The Brewer Basic Exam Table is the most reliable, patient and user-friendly entry exam table in the industry. Connect now
Brewer FLEX Access Exam Table The Brewer FLEX TM Access Exam Table revolutionizes your exam room opportunities. FLEX transforms your practice by delivering the kind of flexibility you can’t get with a fixed-height exam table and the standard value-added features you won’t find on competitors’ offerings. FLEX offers distinct competitive advantages designed to optimize your practice revenue. Connect now
CardioCard Mobile For the first time, using a standard 10-lead patient cable, medical professionals can acquire a 12-lead ECG using an iPad, iPod or iPhone The CardioCard Mobile is the first of its kind, giving healthcare practitioners the ability to perform ECG testing by turning a hand-held Apple device into a fully-functioning ECG machine. Connect now
Clinton 24" Short Wall Cabinet with 2 Doors Clinton 24" Short Wall Cabinet with 2 Doors Connect now
Clinton Cabinet Style Laminate Treatment Table Table features four doors, an adjustable backrest and 2 storage compartments each with an adjustable shelf Connect now
Clinton ETA Classic Series Straight Line Treatment Table The ETA (Easy-To-Assemble) Classic Series of tables combines ease of assembly with the timeless beauty of hardwood legs, scratch-resistant topcoat and the durable quality of Clinton construction to give you everything you want in a classic wood treatment table Connect now
Clinton Power Examination Table with Stirrups, Adjustable Backrest & Drop Section Textured ABS plastic encloses lift mechanism. Pneumatic backrest, adjustable from either side and raises up to 80° from flat position. Connect now
Clinton Select Series Infant Treatment/Changing Exam Table Clinton examination tables feature furniture-grade laminate, sturdy construction and reinforced stress points. Safety is always top of mind, especially with pediatric equipment. Connect now
Clinton Select Series Pediatric Scale/Treatment Exam Table Comfortable work height of 36". Top is rimmed on three sides for safety. Easy-clean, replaceable center pad. Built-in infantometer with folding ends for measuring height. Connect now
Clinton Style-Line Series 5-Leg Spin Lift Exam Stool with Backrest 5-Leg Spin Lift Exam Stool with Backrest Connect now
CP-150 The Welch Allyn CP 150 Resting ECG with optional Spirometry combines the best traditional box ECG features like full-size printouts and clinical decision support with a simple touchscreen interface, fast one-button operation, and flexible connectivity options to help you keep your staff productive and your tests accurate. Connect now
Family Practice Exam Table with Step Stool This versatile table has storage access from either side. Plus, its lower treatment table height could eliminate the need for a step stool, and makes it ideal for family practice, clinic or wherever a cost effective treatment/exam table is needed. Connect now
Family Practice Table For comfort, economy, overall functional and storage, there's nothing better than Clinton's Family Practice Table. This versatile table has storage access from either side. Plus, its lower treatment table height could eliminate the need for a step stool, and makes it ideal for family practice, clinic or wherever a cost effective treatment/exam table is needed. It is ava... Connect now
GE Mac1200 EKG Monitor The MAC® 1200 ST digital, 12-lead electrocardiograph system offers comprehensive ECG solutions with practical features that meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, office-based practices and clinical trials. Its advanced algorithm capabilities, seamless connectivity to the MUSE® and CardioSoft Cardiology Information Systems and easy-to-use features provide the high level ... Connect now
McCue Ultra VPL The ULTRA VPL is the most advanced professional skin treatment & hair removal product available today.The ULTRA VPL delivers a changeable sequence of very rapid short pulses of light energy. Unlike other pulsed light systems, VPL™ can change the number of pulses, their length or duration, and most importantly the space of delay between pulses. Properly used, VPL™ takes ... Connect now
MicroTymp®3 Portable Tympanometric Instrument In todays fast paced practice, you need dependable equipment that is easy to use and provides you with dependable patient information. Appropriately diagnosing otitis media is now made easier with the MicroTymp3. Whether fluid in the ear is visible or not, the MicroTymp3 produces an accurate, objective measurement of middle ear status for patients of all ages, including... Connect now
MiniOmni With the Sunlight MiniOmni you can offer reliable, accurate, non-invasive and safe diagnosis and monitoring of bone density Connect now
MIR SpiroBank II Spirometer Unique in the world - all in one. Some of the many features and benefits include: Automatically records the best 3 trials; Internal temperature sensor for automatic BTPS; Advanced spirometry test interpretation; Lung age estimation; Spirometer with 6000 test memory; Patient identification by name or ID code; Bluetooth® connection to printer or mobile phone. Connect now
PC Based CardioHolterTM ECG PC Based CardioHolterTM ECG Save Time, Save Lives — complete advanced PC-based Holter with automatic analysis of patient data. The Holter recorder has three channel display with the ability to do 24, 48 or 72 hour testing. All patient data is collected on a PC flash card and transferred via a USB port connected card reader to the advanced database management system with... Connect now
PC Based CardioRestingTM ECG PC Based CardioRestingTM ECG Save Time, Save Lives — complete interpretive real-time, 12 lead ECG capable of recording, analyzing and storing data using a windows based PC. A truly portable system, you can use with a laptop computer and take it anywhere. Connect now
PC Based CardioStressTM ECG PC Based CardioStressTM ECG Save Time, Save Lives — advanced stress system with array of real-time exercise test protocols and a number of custom protocols. On screen views include all 12 leads simultaneous, stage time, total time, speed, grade, target HR, ST levels and slopes (for all leads), blood pressure, METs, resting and current 6 sec median beat for all leads. Bu... Connect now
PC Based Complete Stress Testing System Complete digital, 24-48 hour, EMR compatible, PC based holter system. Connect now
PC Based, 24-72 Hour Holter System Complete digital, 24-48 hour, EMR compatible, PC based holter system. Connect now
PC Based, Interpretive, 12-Lead Resting ECG Unlike some other sites, the price on all EKGs sold by Medical Device Depot, Inc. includes a patient cable, power cord, manufacturer's warranty, and all accessories necessary to use the EKG right out of the box. Connect now
Pedia Pals Puppy Pediatric Exam Table The Pedia Pals ZooPals Puppy Exam Table puts a cute animal character in the exam room to delight children, rather than frighten them. When pediatric patients are smiling and happy, exams are quicker, easier, and less traumatic. Connect now
Power Adjustable Dermatology Table Working closely with dermatologists, we have designed the ideal exam and treatment chair for dermatology. From the standard 90D to a model with many options, our Dermatology Chair provides versatility at the most affordable price. We will also customize your 90D to meet specific needs. Connect now
Power Adjustable Ob/Gyn Table The adjustable HA90E is an all purpose exam table. It is particularly suited for the varied requirements of the osteopathic physician whose procedures range from manipulation to OB/GYN. With the help of a gas-powered spring, the HA90E smoothly converts from a seated examination chair to a flat-top table with the touch of a lever.The back locks at any angle from 0° to 80... Connect now
Power Adjustable Physical Therapy Table During manipulation, therapy, or mobilization, the HA90 makes your job easier by elevating to the perfect work height. You will appreciate the reduction in bending and back stress and your patients will appreciate easy access onto the table provided by the variable height. Gliding quietly and smoothly, the HA90 elevates from 20' to 33' with a touch of the foot pedal. Al... Connect now
Power Adjustable Podiatry Chair Designed with several features usually associated with far more expensive podiatry chairs. Powered by electric actuators, the HA90P has three distinct adjustable motions. Adjustable height provides a comfortable 23” to 36” working range. A recline feature tilts the entire chair to any desired angle. The electric tilt back may be completely lowered to convert the HA90P t... Connect now
Power Adjustable Vascular Table With the look and feel of soft, glove leather, our upholstery gives your table an elegance to compliment any office decor. Connect now
Power Dermatology Procedure Chair (For Skin, Scalp and Limb Surgical and Exam Procedures) Headrest and leg rest are removable and extendable. Armrests Rotate 180° back and forth and are detachable. User friendly remote controls backrest, leg rest, chair adjustment and seat adjustment Connect now
Refurbished Ultrasound For more information on Refurbished Ultrasound equipment please contact Medical Device Depot by submitting an ERC... Connect now
RetinaVue The RetinaVue™ Network is designed for healthcare providers and payors who want to improve management of patients with diabetes. Connect now
Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 3-Channel Resting ECG With its compact, easy-to-use operation and built-in battery, the AT-1 is perfect for all applications including stationary office use, hospital bedsides and ambulatory field work. Reliable, powerful and low-maintenance, the AT-1 is the ideal cost-effective ECG unit for professional electrocardiography. Connect now
Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-2 6/12-Channel Resting ECG The AT-2 is a low cost ECG system with performance features previously only available in high priced systems. The AT-2 provides A4 reports within seconds - at the touch of a button. Optional are an automatic measurement and interpretation program as well as a trolley. Connect now
Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-2 light 6/12-Channel Resting ECG Why compromise performance and reliability when you can have it all in one affordable ECG system? SCHILLER's AT-2 light offers the economics of a low cost unit with many of the high end features needed to care for your patients. The AT-2 light is a 12-channel ECG system offering battery operation of up to 6 hours, full size (8 1/2 x 11) reports to fit patient records,... Connect now
Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-2plus 6/12-Channel Resting ECG The AT-2plus is a low cost ECG system with performance features previously only available in high priced systems. The AT-2plus provides A4 reports within seconds - at the touch of a button. All the features of the popular AT-2, PLUS a large, high resolution backlit monitor for easy preview of ECG quality, and full alphanumeric keyboard. Connect now
Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-2plus 6/12-Channel Resting ECG w/Spirometry The AT-2plus Combo is a low cost ECG & Spirometry system with performance features previously only available in high priced systems. The AT-2plus provides A4 reports within seconds - at the touch of a button. All the features of the popular AT-2, PLUS a large, high resolution backlit monitor for easy preview of ECG quality and the Spirometry test, and full alphanumeric ... Connect now
Screener Audiometer The Ambco Model 650 Pure Tone Audiometer is a clinical audiometer approved for pure tone screening and threshold hearing tests. Connect now
SDI Astra200 Spirometer The Astra200 is designed to provide a whole new level of sophistication to spirometry testing, giving you a wealth of choices in how to configure your spirometer to meet your needs. Choose the comprehensive pre-set programs, or, custom design your own programs to calculate, display and print the data and graphics needed to serve your patients best. Connect now
SeeMore™ Ultrasound Imaging Probes Interson Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer of ultrasound imaging probes. Ultrasound systems using Interson products have been installed in offices, hospitals, and clinics around the world since 1989. Interson continues to revolutionize imaging devices into the 21st century. Connect now
SudoCheck Sudomotor Testing SudoCheck Sudomotor has been created to enable a precise evaluation of sweat gland function. It is based on a measuring method, whereas patients place their hands and feet on stainless-steel electrodes and are exposed to an incremental low direct voltage - lower than 4 V - that is released in intervals of two minutes. Connect now
Summit LifeDop ABI Reimbursable Vascular Doppler w/Printer w 2Cuffs and Aneroid The LifeDop ABI system features a portable bi-directional Doppler with compact printer for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) that meet reimbursement criteria. -Fast, waveform printout on adhesive-backed, label paper for easy placement on reimbursement report forms -Affordable, ultra-portable Doppler and printer with cable and recharger -Display shows... Connect now
SunTeck 247 Tabletop The SunTech 247 Diagnostic Station provides both an affordable replacement for mechanical gauges and mercury sphygmomanometers and the potential of a vital signs device without the expense. With our modular design, start with blood pressure and add other parameters such as temperature and SpO2 when needed. Additionally, the SunTech 247 comes in a variety of mounting o... Connect now
UMF Exam Table The new 5240 examination table maintains the tradition of strength and quality of the original UMF Signature Series, but with an updated look. Connect now
UMF Head Centric Procedure Chair 4010-650 UMF Head Centric Procedure 4010-650-100 comes with a programmable hand control. Designed for head and neck centric practices. Connect now
Vista AVS ~ ABi System The Vista AVS makes the ABI and other arterial exams faster and easier to conduct, interpret, and document. This full-featured ABI system has 3 modalities: PVR, bi-directional Doppler probe and arterial PPG. It also has automated cuff inflation/deflation, built-in printer, graphic waveform display with step-by-step ABI instructions, 5 cuffs, and optional software for... Connect now
Welch Allyn - 767 Integrated Diagnostic Systems and Wall Transformer Sets A convenient, modular package that puts everything needed for fast, accurate diagnoses at arm's length. By combining a wall aneroid, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, specula dispenser, and thermometer (optional), Welch Allyn puts all the basic diagnostic tools within easy reach. These systems are attractive, modular, and easy to order and install. Customize your Wall Set to ma... Connect now
Welch Allyn AED10 Automated External Defibrillator Designed for easy operation and quick deployment by the infrequent user, the AED 10 is a simple, proven solution for quick and easy response to cardiac emergencies. Connect now
Welch Allyn Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor 6100 An easy-to-use 24-hour blood pressure monitor that allows you to identify white coat hypertension, take accurate sleep readings, and tailor drug therapy regimes to your individual patient’s needs. It provides you with powerful software that makes it more efficient to analyze blood pressure and diagnose potential patient complications. It comes with an innovative sleeve ... Connect now
Welch Allyn Atlas Monitor w/ECG, Nellcor SpO2 & NIBP (621 Series) A cost-effective monitor with all the parameters for conscious sedation procedures. Connect now
Welch Allyn CP 100 Electrocardiograph Introducing a new family of multichannel electrocardiographs that are flexible enough to work in any setting. These reliable, easy-to-use devices were designed using proprietary Welch Allyn technology to make taking ECGs a snap.  With an intuitive design and advanced software features, these EMR-ready devices can help make your practice more efficient by allowing you to... Connect now
Welch Allyn CP 200 Electrocardiograph w/Spirometry Introducing a new family of multichannel electrocardiographs that are flexible enough to work in any setting. These reliable, easy-to-use devices were designed using proprietary Welch Allyn technology to make taking ECGs a snap. With an intuitive design and advanced software features, these EMR-ready devices can help make your practice more efficient by allowing you to... Connect now
Welch Allyn Digital MacroView Otoscope See it. Share it. Save it. Offering you clear, live and still images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane, the Digital MacroView Otoscope is a valuable tool in support of the treatment and management of your patient's ears. Requiring no additional purchase of software, the Digital MacroView Otoscope is easy to learn and use. Connect now
Welch Allyn OAE Hearing Screener Set Precisely and objectively screen for hearing loss in newborns, infants, toddlers, preschool and school-age children in just seconds. Connect now
Welch Allyn PC-Based Exercise ECG/Stress Test System Turns any PC into an all-in-one, high-performance, low-cost stress test system. Has everything you need, including the ability to simultaneously monitor 12 leads on screen with programmable reports and protocols. Includes CardioPerfect workstation software, resting ECG functionality, digital ECG patient cable w/USB connection, treadmill interface cable, stress electrode... Connect now
Welch Allyn PC-Based SpiroPerfect Spirometer See and compare accurate results from pulmonary function tests in seconds. Clearly evaluate pulmonary obstruction or restriction, increase success rates of patients who are undergoing smoking cessation, show progress, and help pediatric patients comply with test procedures. Connect now
Welch Allyn PCH-100 Office Holter Welch Allyn Holter Systems feature easy-to-use software and recorders that can improve patient compliance due to their lightweight, compact profile. Using Welch Allyn Office Holter software or Welch Allyn Expert Holter software, the systems can be configured with a compact digital recorder featuring 2- or 3-channel recording for a detailed evaluation. Either system prov... Connect now
Welch Allyn PCR-100 PC-Based Resting ECG, Non-Interpretive Software - 12-Lead Resting ECG System Turns any PC into a full-featured electrocardiograph. Intuitive Windows operation makes it easy for your staff to learn and use, while the power and features of a PC-based system save money and increase utilization of existing equipment. Connect now
Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs LXi w/Blood Pressure & Temperature The new Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs®LXi gives you more parameters and more options than any other spot-check device on the market, so you can customize it to meet your specific needs. Connect now
Welch Allyn SureSight Vision Screener Test for the primary vision disorder in children, refractive error, with this child-friendly unit that engages youngsters, puts them at ease, and requires minimal cooperation. Connect now
Welch Allyn Video Colposcope Offer more complete care with true video colposcopy combining light, power and video for high-resolution imaging, superior diagnostics and information management. Connect now
Winco Gas Lift Stool, No Back The 4300 features a 5-star base with easy-rolling 2" casters and fingertip height adjustment. The 16" seat is made of 3" high density foam and covered with heavy gauge vinyl. Connect now
Winco Treatment Table The 8500 is Winco's most versatile and popular table. It includes such standard features as a paper holder and cutter, adjustable leveling feet, comfortable 2" medium density foam and heavy gauge expanded vinyl. Connect now
Zoll AED Plus When a cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock. But nearly all will require cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Connect now
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