Low Cost ABI System The simpleABI Systems from Newman Medical uses the power of the newest portable computers to produce the reimbursement reports you need quickly, easily, and accurately. Connect now
MommyDop The MommyDop is designed and made in U.S.A., specifically for use by expectant mothers. The largest, high quality speaker in a Doppler allows the entire family to easily hear the heartbeat in the (sometimes noisy) home environment. Connect now
The DigiDop Pocket Doppler Each DigiDop is equipped with the revolutionary and unprecedented "Digitally Optimized Processing - DOP!". The sounds of fetal heartbeats will be louder and clearer than with any other Doppler available. Connect now
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It is one simple step to quality lab reports with the PC based simpleABI systems – just fill the report as it appears on the screen – no cutting and pasting strip chart paper – no secondary transferring of data files.