FilmArray® Respiratory Panel EZ (RP EZ)

Product Overview

Nail it with one swab with The BioFire® FilmArray® Respiratory Panel EZ (RP EZ)

1 test. 14 respiratory pathogens.

The BioFire RP EZ uses a molecular syndromic approach to accurately detect and identify a wide range of pathogens—not just Flu A and Flu B. As a healthcare provider, this means your patients can receive the right treatment the first time, potentially leading to higher patient satisfaction and lower costs. And as the name implies, it’s easy and can be performed right in your office or clinic.1

Because a large number of pathogens cause respiratory infections, tests that only identify Flu A and B run the risk of missing the real culprit. Many rapid influenza diagnostic tests sacrifice accuracy for speed, with sensitivities ranging from 50-70%.2 The BioFire RP EZ provides an accurate, comprehensive alternative to targeted influenza testing, and will detect a greater number of pathogens no matter the season or the time of year.3

1CLIA Certificate of Waiver required to perform testing.


3Schreckenberger PC, McAdam AJ. J Clin Microbiol. 2015;53:3110-3115.
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