Product Overview
New, easy- to-use, affordable home fetal Doppler.

Keep it simple. MommyDop has brought the best of both worlds: modern technology used in your OB/GYN office, and common sense, consumer usefulness making it fun to listen to your babys heartbeat.

The speaker and the base are a single unit into which the probe is placed and cradled. Listening to your babies heartbeat is as simple as removing the probe from the base and then playing hide-and-seek with your squirming little baby.

And no worries about having a "medical looking" device laying around the house. The MommyDop is as fun to look at and hold as it is to use.

• Listen to your babys heart beat at home
• No extra trips to your OB/GYN office
• Fun, super-safe and very easy
• Digital fetal doppler like doctors use
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