Product Overview

Silaris® Influenza A&B Test

The CLIA Waived Silaris® Influenza A&B Test is a molecular diagnostic test utilizing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology providing accurate results for early diagnosis and proper management of influenza.

Features and Benefits
  • Accurate Molecular PCR Results
    • Influenza A: Sensitivity 97% & Specificity 94%
    • Influenza B: Sensitivity 94% & Specificity 99%
  • Affordable
    • Definitive diagnosis (no confirmation required)
    • Controls included with each kit
    • Simple three step procedure and minimal hands on time of <1 minute
    • No refrigeration required

Description Catalog# Configuration Storage Shelf Life
Silaris®Influenza A&B Test 1027 25 Test Room Temperature 18 months
Silaris®Influenza A&B Control Kit 1024 5 - A+/B- Control Swabs;5- A-/B+ Control Swabs Room Temperature 18 months
Silaris®Influenza A&B Starter Pack 1028 50 Tests;1 – Silaris Dock Room Temperature
Silaris®Dock 1026 1 - Dock Room Temperature 3000 Tests

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