Product Overview

FloChec™ A New Approach to Detecting P.A.D.

FloChec™ is a new blood flow measurement modality that can be conveniently utilized right in your office, earlier in the patient disease cycle for patients with PAD warning signs.

FloChec™ has shown high specificity and excellent accuracy in clinical practice, and avoids the special equipment, training and hassle required with Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) testing.

FloChec™ provides objective results even in difficult anatomies, including:
  • Obese patients

  • Non-compressive arteries

  • Post-mastectomy

The FloChec™ System is fast, user-friendly and requires no special training — it’s the proven, practical method for early in-office P.A.D. detection.

Fast and Easy In-Office P.A.D. Detection
  1. FloChec finger clamp is placed first on patient's finger, then on toe, while supplied computer uses special built-in software to measure blood flow ratios between upper and lower extremities.
  2. When differences in flow between upper and lower extremity are detected, FloChec provides early warning to both physician and patient concerned about P.A.D.
  3. No Doppler or duplex ultrasound imaging needed – the computer does it all.
  4. A fast, simple and straightforward office procedure that can be done without the need of the specialized personnel who perform the conventional ABI (ankle brachial index) test.
  5. Results available instantly, one page print-out for patient file from supplied printer.
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