Product Overview

CELL-DYN Emerald 22 Hematology Analyzer
The Information You Need. The Size You Want.

Small, Simple, and Smart

With reduced budgets, shrinking laboratory space and less qualified medical staff, many laboratories need a solution that lets them do more with less. CELL-DYN Emerald 22 is a robust hematology analyzer for smaller clinical laboratories seeking better productivity in small spaces.

Benefits of the CELL-DYN Emerald 22 Hematology Analyzer

COMPACT DESIGN - The CELL-DYN Emerald 22 is one of the smallest 5-part differential analyzers on the market and helps laboratories like yours conserve valuable workspace.

SMALL AND POWERFUL - Specifically designed with space in mind doesn’t mean less functionality — it means more. The CELL-DYN Emerald 22 includes a numeric keypad entry, reagent tray, and integrated color touchscreen monitor.

EASY AND AUTOMATED - You and your staff will have fewer errors and better compliance using barcoded reagents as well as reduced hands-on time with touch-free scheduled daily maintenance, startup and shutdown.

TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL EMPLOYEES - CELL-DYN-Emerald 22's flexible interface is user friendly, offering easy training of software functions using the color touch screen and numeric keypad to bring employees up to speed quickly.

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