Afinion™ 2 Analyzer

Product Overview

Afinion 2
Simply More Efficient.

Improve the way you monitor and manage your patients

The Afinion 2 analyzer is a compact, rapid, multi-assay analyzer that provides valuable near patient testing at the point-of-care.

With the Afinion System, there's no need to send test results to the lab or spend time tracking them down. That way you can keep your focus where it belongs – on the patient.

Benefits of the Afinion 2 Analyzer:
Multiple analytes on one instrument
  • The Afinion 2 analyzer makes it fast and easy to test quantitative determinations of HbA1c and ACR.
  • HbA1c test is CLIA Waived
Short assay times
  • HbA1c results in 3 minutes
  • ACR results in 5 minutes
Multiple sample types
  • The analyzer is designed to enable simple and fast on-the-spot testing, regardless of the sample type, which may be whole blood or urine, and to deliver accurate results during patient consultation for improved patient management.
  • The Afinion 2 analyzer can reliably transfer test information to a HIS or LIS system. The Afinion 2 Analyzer automatically transfers patient and control results via TCP/IP networking using the protocols POCT1-A, HL7, ASTM 1381-85 (low level) or ASTM 1394-97 (high level), selectable by configuration.
All-in-one test cartridge
  • The analyzer and Test Cartridges have been precision engineered with each test cartridge containing an integrated sample collection device and all necessary reagents for a single test.
Automatic self-check system
  • The Afinion 2 analyzer eliminates erroneous results with integrated error detection and self-check systems.
No additional calibration necessary
  • Each Afinion 2 analyzer has a fixed factory calibration. Each lot of an Afinion test includes calibration data stored in the barcode label. The lot calibration data is read by the integrated camera and used for calculating results.

3-Step Procedure
  1. Collect the sample with the integrated sampling device.
  2. Place the sampling device back in the test cartridge.
  3. Place the test cartridge in the analyzer and close the lid. The processing starts automatically

Afinino2 ACR Procedure Afinion 2 Alere LDX

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