Advanced Clinical Products – Axon-II Neural Scanner

Product Overview
Pinpoints the root cause of many pain symptoms associated with:

• Back pain
• Tests Horizontal & Vertical Canals
• Neck
• Migraine pain
• Hand pain
• Foot pain
• Shoulder pain
• Chronic pain
• Acute pain
• Post Op pain

Features and Benefits

• Patented electrical signal selectively stimulates A-Delta fibers.
• Testing results and report provide doctor with clear explanation and show which specific nerve site and side of the body pathology exists.
• Since the patient is his own control, independent of age or gender and population variables, the sensitivity approaches 96%.
• A potentiometer reading verifies nerve firing by detecting the action potential at each testing site, ensuring clinical objectivity.
• High potentiometer amplitudes have been reported to have a close correlation with high VAS ratings.
• Can also test C and A-beta fibers, which is useful when RSD or sympathetically mediated pain syndrome is suspected.
• Detect signs of sympathetic dysfunction with pain caused by an otherwise innocuous stimulus.
• Detects down-regulated A-delta function to locate injured nerve(s) with statistical sensitivity approaching 100%.

Materials Included

• Separate Potentiometer Device
• WinMDX Software
• Test and ground electrodes with cables - eight (8) C-type Alkaline Batteries
• Containers for saline and Q-tips (saline not shipped w/ device)
• 10 reusable ground sponges
• Master Copies of all exam forms
• Operating manuals and training video

Educational Resources