LightPod® Era™

Product Overview

LightPod Era combines proprietary MicroPulse-2940™ technology with the inherent benefits of the erbium laser wavelength resulting in minimal downtime combined with efficient tissue ablation. This unique combination makes LightPod Era ideal for treating large pores, spots, wrinkles, scars and cutaneous lesions. Age spots, sun damage, solar lentigos and pigmented lesions are all quite prevalent in the mature patient segment. At the same time, these conditions are very effectively treated by LightPod Era.

The gentle effect of erbium’s 2940 wavelength delivered in short duration pulses allows gentle yet effective treatment of crow’s feet, periorbital wrinkles, smoker’s lines and other perioral wrinkles.

Many indications benefit from a “one-two” effect of using Nd: YAG (LightPod Neo) first to remodel collagen and tighten the underlying dermal tissue, followed by erbium resurfacing.

Finally, LightPod Era is the perfect treatment choice for a wide range of classically medical applications such as acne scars, revision of surgical scars, wart removal, milia, nevi, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, syringomas, carcinomas and other cutaneous lesions.

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