LightPod® Neo™

Product Overview

A highly versatile 1064™nm laser for pain-free treatment of all skin types 

What makes LightPod® Neo™ Versatile, Pain-free and Affordable? 

The 1064™nm laser modality has proven to be highly versatile in aesthetic medicine, given its absorption in diverse tissue structures including melanin, oxyhemoglobin and tattoo ink particles. Aerolase - a company with deep expertise in compact laser technology - has developed a breakthrough by incorporating its unique MicroPulse™ technology into the LightPod® Neo™ 1064™nm laser. This innovative laser delivers the required fluences for non-invasive procedures by delivering a sub-millisecond pulse of super high wattage (over 15,000 watts) laser energy in a Pulse Width of 0.65 msec slightly below the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) of the skin tissue. Clinical research has shown that operating below but close to the TRT provides maximum efficacy yet avoids non-selective thermal damage to surrounding tissue, thus eliminating treatment pain and the need for continuous skin cooling or direct skin contact with the laser. The lasers unique MicroPulse™technology packs the necessary energy for effective treatment in an optimum submillisecond pulse duration, delivering high efficacy with virtually no pain especially on darker skin types and without skin contact or skin cooling. Now you can treat a wider variety of clients than ever before with just one machine. 

Most aesthetic lasers are large, heavy, maintenance-intensive machines that are very expensive. But Aerolase has applied its patented internal air-cooling technology to bring the aesthetic laser into the modern era in the form of LightPod® laser devices that are compact, portable and maintenance-free. These lasers are inherently less costly to manufacture, so we pass those savings on to our customers in the form of a much lower price; and because they are maintenance-free there is no need for costly service contracts or the downtime and hassle of regular maintenance. 

LightPod® lasers are compact and portable (weighing just 22 pounds and built into a briefcase-style unit), so they fit into small treatment rooms without consuming a lot of space and can be easily moved from one clinical site to another, and simply require a conventional 115V power outlet. This true portability enables the laser practitioner to treat a wider client base with greater efficiency. 

Add LightPod® lasers to your practice today and find out how to generate new cash income and highly satisfied aesthetic customers without overburdening the resources of your practice. 


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