ACE Axcel® Clinical Chemistry System

Product Overview

As the market leader in moderately complex benchtop chemistry systems for the physician office laboratory*, Alfa Wassermann's ACE Axcel Clinical Chemistry System sets the standard for excellence in today's physician office laboratory (POL). The ACE Axcel has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration and is specially designed for use in POLs.

The ACE Axcel is an easy-to-operate system that allows increased regulatory compliance. Seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHR), via Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

Patient Satisfaction
  • Eliminate the need for patients to travel to off-site labs.
  • Avoid sample loss or deterioration caused by transportation to an off-site lab.

Identify, Monitor, Prevent
With accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, near patient testing with the ACE Axcel can identify diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, anemia, and others.

  • Process up to 285 tests per hour; load and run up to 75 samples at once.
  • Perform single or panel tests from an extensive test menu. Open reagent system enables custom assays.

Monitor Patient Samples
  • Prioritize samples with STAT interrupt, allowing users to load STAT samples during operation for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Instrument Features
  • Self-contained system in a small footprint; no dedicated waste disposal, water line, or cooling unit required.
  • Disposable cuvettes provide the highest level of accuracy and eliminate the need for a water system.
  • Automatic reagent inventory management.
  • Closed-tube sampling with the STEP module minimizes operator interaction with the sample, making for a safer workplace. Patient samples remain sealed in blood collection tubes.
  • Touch-screen technology allows for instinctive control, even while wearing gloves.
  • Internet connectivity for technical support, remove access, and laboratory integration.

World-Class Service and Support
For over a decade, Alfa Wassermann has received the Omega NorthFace ScoreboardSM Award for excellence in customer satisfaction, bringing more than 50 years of manufacturing, service, and support of market-leading clinical chemistry systems.

*GHX Market Intelligence Data, Clinical Chemistry Analyzers 91-900, Moderately Complex Physician Office Lab

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