StatSpin Express 2 Centrifuge

Product Overview

The StatSpin Express 2 Primary Tube Centrifuge prepares high-quality plasma or serum for chemistry and coag in only two (2) minutes. Meet rapid test turnaround requirements without a major investment in equipment or a disruption in your laboratory routine.

This amazingly compact and quiet centrifuge spins standard 5 mL blood collection tubes in only two minutes. Best of all, the Express 2 is small and quiet enough to be used where it's needed most - right at the workstation. The two minute automatic cycle combined with rapid, gentle deceleration make the Express 2 the most productive small centrifuge available. Tubes are processed as they arrive - no waiting for batches.

The StatSpin Express 2 accepts standard glass or plastic up to 5 mL blood collection tubes (13 x 75 mm or smaller) and the unique rotor design minimizes the chance of breakage.

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