StatSpin Express 4 Centrifuge

Product Overview

The StatSpin Express 4, high speed horizontal centrifuge provides faster turnaround time and greater productivity for your "lean" laboratory. Place it next to any STAT analyzer and serum or plasma gel tubes are ready in just minutes.

With only three (3) settings,it is simple to use. Just select the 3, 5 or 10 minute button and press start. No fumbling with settings or the need to readjust the speed. For safety, the lid remains locked until the rotor comes to a complete stop. An audible alarm sounds when the cycle is completed. Samples can be processed as they arrive in the lab; no need for batching, no unproductive time spent waiting for the'll have results in minutes. Now you can process as many as eight (8) samples at once for high throughput.

The StatSpin Express 4 is powerful. The rugged brushless motor is maintenance free. The StatSpin Express 4 is versatile with adaptors for 7 mL and 10 mL tubes come with the unit. It can accommodate tubes from 1.5 mL to 10 mL.

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