StatSpin MP Centrifuge

Product Overview

The StatSpin MP multipurpose centrifuge system is ideal for the STAT lab, clinic or office laboratory. Small sample volume requirements make it ideal for fingerstick procedures, reducing labor and expense for in venous blood collection. The MP is fast and separates in a fraction of the time required by other systems, providing quality serum or plasma in 30-120 seconds.

This whisper-quiet system operates without vibration and with virtually no noise or heat build-up. Versatile yet safe, the MP is instantly adaptable to blood separations, urine sediments, hematocrits and other routine applications, and meets international safety standards. With simple microprocessor controls and self-diagnostics, this easy-to-use system reduces chance of operator error.

Investing in a cost-effective StatSpin MP multipurpose centrifuge strengthens your laboratory's fiscal goals by improving your pre-analytical turn around time, increasing worker efficiency and supporting multiple applications in one system.

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