GeneXpert® Xpress System

Product Overview

GeneXpert® Xpress CLIA Waived
Front-line Access and Control. Everywhere You Need It.

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Standardized molecular testing for any healthcare setting — from community hospitals to physician offices and specialty clinics

Innovative Compact Design
Two or four-module configuration saves valuable bench space and reduces the need for multiple testing platforms.
  • Scalable Design — Allows for multiple tests to be run simultaneously
  • Random Access — True on-demand walkaway testing system
  • Standardized GeneXpert Technology — One Platform, One Cartridge

Simplified Control and Oversight
GeneXpert Xpress complements existing laboratory quality and regulatory compliance standards.
  • Simple test workflow—No specialized training
  • Operator authentication and QC lockout
  • No daily or weekly maintenance
  • Interfaces to Laboratory Information Systems (HL7, ASTM)
  • Data monitoring and management with Cepheid® C360

Proven Cartridge Technology
With a combination of highly accurate results and operator ease-of-use, Cepheid's cartridge technology remains the cornerstone of the GeneXpert Xpress.
  • Single use, self-contained cartridge — Reduces contamination
  • Integrated QC in every cartridge
  • Minimal hands on time for each sample — Just add the sample and go!
  • Lab quality test results

Sample In. Answer Out.
Simple test workflow is easy to use and learn - insert the cartridge and the system does the rest.

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