Xpert Xpress Strep A

Product Overview

Xpert® Xpress Strep A CLIA Waived
Rapid. Quality results. No compromise.

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Xpert Xpress Strep A changes what is possible with in-office confirmatory Group A Strep results — providing medically actionable and timely results to clinicians to optimize fast treatment decisions and support antimicrobial stewardship.

  • Confirmatory molecular test results
  • Sample Type – Throat Swab (E-swab in liquid Amies)
  • Test time as soon as 18 mins for positives#
  • Internal QC in each test cartridge
  • Room temperature reagent storage (2–28°C) until the expiration date provided on the label
  • No confirmation required for negative results

# With early assay termination (EAT) for positive results. † No culture confirmation required for negative results unless clinical symptoms persist, or there is an outbreak of acute rheumatic fever (ARF).

Sensitivity: 99.4% Positive Percent Value: 85.3%
Specificity: 94.1% Negative Percent Value: 99.8%

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