Histofreezer Flex

Product Overview

Histofreezer® FLEX

Histofreezer FLEX is a revolutionary advance in portable cryosurgery that delivers a colder, environmentally-friendly cryogen, and our canister works with buds or cones. Every improvement was designed with one goal in mind – better first-time results for your patients.

Single Handed Simplicity
Say Goodbye to Cryo Products That Require two hands to Use - You Only Need one hand for Histofreezer FLEX

Why Histofreezer FLEX?
NEW patented flow control technology eliminates splattering of cryogen
NEW cone design allows for deeper freezing with less gas used
NEW bud design uses less gas and can be recharged
NEW cryogen gas gets cold immediately, is nonflammable, and is environmentally friendly
NEW design allows users to choose buds or cones
NEW bud material can be customized to treat smaller lesions
NEW handle design allows for single hand delivery
NEW packaging can be used as a shipper to return of gas via a cone empty canister
NEW canister is reusable - less environmental impact

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