Product Overview


There is growing demand among patients and practitioners for a more aggressive treatment to address wrinkles and uneven texture while minimizing the recovery time experienced from other ablative technologies. With a 2790 nm wavelength, the Pearl laser provides a technology to meet these market demands; maximizing the ratio of cosmetic benefit to patient downtime.

Mechanism of action

These treatment goals can be achieved with the appropriate technology, wavelength, and settings.

  • Ablation: The safe removal of a portion of the epidermis is achieved with a controlled amount of vaporization. 10-30 microns of epidermis are vaporized in this process.

  • Coagulation: Simultaneously, sufficient heat to produce coagulation is generated in the remaining epidermis. Depending upon selected energy, the coagulation region can vary from partial to full epidermal damage. This coagulation region creates a natural protective dressing on the skin that remains intact during the restorative process.

  • Collagen Remodeling: Finally, residual heat in the dermis generates new collagen growth.
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