Daavlin 3 Series: Full Body Cabinet

Product Overview

The Daavlin 3 Series, simply stated, is everything you will ever want or need in a phototherapy cabinet.
Daavlin's two-door design is space efficient but the interior is large enough to comfortably accommodate your largest patients. Remove the patient platform and the unit can easily accommodate a wheel chair.
Two quiet, yet powerful fans are mounted at the top of the unit for a total air movement of 200 cu. ft. per minute. Patients can turn these fans on or off for their personal comfort.
The Daavlin 3 Series has retained the popular open top that enhances ventilation and is not disturbing to claustrophobic patients. A discreet observation window allows staff to monitor patients without compromising privacy. The 3 Series features a blemish resistant exterior that is made for easy cleaning and will look like new after years of use.
Each 3 Series device is professionally delivered, installed, and calibrated by trained Daavlin service technicians.

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