Daavlin UV Series: Compact Full Body Cabinet

Product Overview

The UV Series offers the therapeutic effectiveness of ultraviolet phototherapy in a compact size. The attractive full-body unit encircles the patient completely so that every part of the body is treated at once for the shortest possible exposure times.

The 120V electrical requirements of the UV Series make it economical to operate, costing just pennies per treatment.

Space-smart Design
The unique elliptical design makes efficient use of valuable floor space, making it ideal where space conservation is a concern. Our UV Series occupies just half the floor space of competitive units.

Dosimeter Accuracy or Timer Simplicity
The Flex Dosimeter Control allows treatments to be entered in Joules (UVA) or milliJoules (UVB) as prescribed by the physician. A special UV sensor measures the intensity of the light and adjusts the treatment time to compensate for any variation in output due to aging of the lamps or other factors. This system affords the most accurate delivery of ultraviolet light therapy available in a phototherapy unit. Treatments are programmed in a few simple keystrokes. One touch operation allows you to conveniently begin, pause, or resume any treatment. The simpler Flex Timer Control option allows treatments to be entered in units of time only (minutes:seconds) as prescribed by the physician. The state-of-the-art digital timer provides treatment duration accuracy.

UV Series Platform
A platform custom made for the UV Series elevates the patient to the level of the lamps.

Safety Lock-Out
A programmable lock-out feature prevents unauthorized use. When activated, the user must enter a code to operate the unit.

UV Series Specifications
The UV Series operates on standard 120V current, but requires amperage of 15-30 amps. Please consult the chart below for details.

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