QBC-Dry Hematology

Product Overview

The QBC STAR dry hematology analyzer revolutionizes complete blood count (CBC) testing with its unrivaled blend of speed and ease of use. With breakthroughs like simple, single-button operation and minimal cleaning or maintenance requirements, the QBC STAR is a perfect fit for any point-of-care setting.

Unmatched Simplicity

No other analyzer provides results as easily as the QBC STAR. At the push of a single button, it provides a robust CBC with the 9 parameters most requested by physicians. Sample collection is just as easy, as the QBC STARs convenient blood collection tubes can easily be filled by finger sticks, heel sticks, or venous draws, providing a variety of options to suit your patients specific needs.

Fast Results

The days of waiting for CBC results from outside labs are over. Instead, the QBC STAR provides rapid in-office results, completing its high quality testing within just 7 minutes. The QBC STAR is also ready to quickly provide accurate results whenever it is needed, without start-up cycles or user calibration.

The Dry Difference

The QBC STAR uses no liquid reagents. Instead, all of its stains are contained within its patented blood collection tubes. This makes the QBC STAR uniquely easy to operate and maintain, as the analyzer requires little to no cleaning or maintenance. After testing, simply remove and dispose of the tube in any standard biohazard container.

Designed for Your Point-of-Care

What do urgent care centers, pediatrician offices, embassies, cruise ships, and U.S. Navy vessels have in common? Theyre just some of the many settings that have embraced the dry hematology benefits of the QBC STAR. No other analyzer available today offers flexibility comparable to the QBC STAR, making it ideal for virtually any point of care.

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