Autoread Plus

Product Overview

QBC Autoread Plus: Features
The QBC Autoread Plus has a decade long proven track record of being extremely reliable in the world's harshest environments. From medical tents in Iraq and Afghanistan to research facilities in Antarctica, the Autoread plus has proven that it can handle the worst conditions imaginable.

The Autoread Plus Centrifugal Hematology System offers a durable, cost-effective option for conducting hematology testing in virtually any setting. The Autoread Plus System, which consists of a reader, a centrifuge, and an external printer, uses patented dry hematology technology to deliver a 9-parameter, 2 part differential.This results in many benefits for the user:
  • Eliminating Liquid Reagents - Unlike competing products, the Autoread uses no liquid reagents. That saves lab space for the user, since there is no need to store bottles of reagents. There is also less maintenance required, as there is no need for cleaning or replacing internal parts. The only waste products generated by the Autoread are the QBC tubes, which are easier to dispose of than dangerous biohazard reagent chemicals.

  • Durability and Portability - The Autoread System is the most durable CBC analyzer on the market, as its dry hematology technology and hard plastic frame make it suitable for conducting testing in even the harshest conditions. Because of the unique QBC dry reagent technology, the Autoread can be transported and quickly deliver results in any location. Set up time is minimal, as the Autoread is always ready to provide fast, accurate hematology analysis.

  • Easy to Use - Learning to use the Autoread is easy. After preparing a blood sample using a QBC tube, simply centrifuge the tube for five minutes at 12,000 RPM and then place it in the reader. Results will print out automatically using an attached printer. Office personnel can be easily trained to use the Autoread, making the most of any office's limited resources.

  • 9-Count CBC - The Autoread measures nine important CBC hematological parameters from venous or capillary blood samples: hematocrit, hemoglobin, MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), platelet count, white blood cell count, granulocyte count and percentage, and lymphocyte/monocyte count and percentage. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the accuracy and precision of the Autoread System correlate well to accepted standard methods.

  • Reliability - The Autoread is exceptionally reliable. The system is permanently calibrated during manufacturing, so the user needs to only run a basic daily calibration check to verify satisfactory performance. Because of the unique QBC dry technology, the Autoread can deliver reliable results using only a fingerstick blood sample.

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