Product Overview


Allowing physicians to make the treatment decisions sooner through higher throughput and proven results in clinical chemistry

  • 20-80 patients per day
  • 40 refrigerated reagent positions
  • 52 patient position sample wheel
  • Clot detection sensor
  • Reusable glass cuvettes
  • Dry Electrodes

With the Envoy, the laboratory receives test results faster than almost any other bench-top chemistry system on the market, allowing you to make your treatment decisions sooner. The Envoy 500+ performs approximately 490 tests per hour, allowing it to handle the workload of the busiest labs.

The Envoy 500+ delivers the time and money saving features the laboratory requires with an integrated four-parameter dry ISE module, reusable glass cuvettes, positive sample and reagent identification, clot detection, liquid level sensing and many more.

ENVOY500+ key benefits:
  • Accurate results and proper treatment decisions. Clot and liquid sensor detection prevents reporting of invalid results from insufficient and difficult samples. This ensures accurate r esults and proper treatment decisions.
  • Longer walk-away time. The reusable glass cuvettes provide your lab longer walk-away time than a system using disposable cuvettes, which requires you to return to the instrument to reload cuvettes on a regular basis.
  • Reduced reagent consumption and costs. Dry Electrodes of the Envoy 500+ have a permanent gel which limits routine priming with ISE reference solutions. Because they can be left dry when not in use, it reduces reagent consumption and costs.

Standard features:
  • Fully automated analyzer
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Ready-to-use, liquid-stable reagents
  • Positive sample identification
  • Barcoded reagents
  • Automatic positive reagent identification
  • Liquid level sensing
  • Programmable result checks, auto-dilutions
  • Remote diagnostics

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