Selectra ProM

Product Overview

Together with a superior menu of ready-to-use stable-liquid reagents from ELITech Clinical Systems, the new Selectra ProM System provides a state of the art, fully integrated chemistry solution for laboratories that are closer to the patient.

With random access and typical throughput up to 180 tests per hour, the Selectra ProM System is the ideal BenchTop workhorse for primary, STAT or back-up testing needs. This new system offers minimal maintenance and effective use of consumables to truly reduce operational cost.

Building on the successful Selectra Family, the Selectra ProM Chemistry System offers an ideal solution of proven quality, performance and value to get the job done with results laboratories can trust, every time and on time.


US Specifications:

- Self contained design, for a fully integrated workhorse solution
- Customer driven software design with best-in-class operator interface
- Productivity and error reducing capabilities including on-board PSID, host-query, and programmable result checks
- Throughput up to 266 test/hr with State of Art  ISEs
- Dedicated line of liquid stable ready-to-use assays, packaged to fit the Bench Top laboratory and reduce waste


- Up to 180 photometric tests / hour in MONO mode
- Up to 266 ISE tests / hour
- 32 refrigerated reagent positions
- 50 bar code readable positions and 12 auxiliary positions
- Optional bar code reader for test requisition and reagent identification
- Optional ISE module
- Optional positive sample identification
- State of the art Host-Query interface

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