BreathID System

Product Overview

Major clinical guidelines support Urea Breath Testing (UBT) for the detection of H. pylori infection:

·         For Initial Diagnosis:  “The UBT … tests provide reliable means of identifying active H. pylori infection before antibiotic therapy.”1

·         For Post-treatment Follow-up:  “UBT is the most reliable nonendoscopic test to document eradication of H. pylori infection.”1

·         As a preferred modality:  “A positive [H. pylori blood antibody] test is no better than a coin toss in predicting the presence of active infection.”1


The BreathID® Breath Test System from Exalenz Bioscience offers compelling advantages for your practice:

Reimbursement is straightforward using established CPT codes (83013 & 83014).



·         10 minutes from start to results

·         Enables on-the-spot testing

(patients presenting with symptoms)

·         Test & treat in a single visit



·         100% Sensitivity, 99.2% Specificity2

·         ~150 exhalations included in analysis

·         Validated in multiple studies published in peer-reviewed journals

·         Used in numerous pharmaceutical and academic clinical trials



·         CLIA non-regulated (no CLIA license required)

·         Any trained staff member can operate the system

·         Simple, 1-button operation

·         Easy for patient – patient breathes normally


With the BreathID® System in your office, you can advance your care of patients who present with GI symptoms, abdominal pain, dyspepsia and ulcers:

·         Get accurate results

·         Advance patient diagnosis – for initial diagnosis and confirmation of eradication

·         Confidently establish treatment plans

·         Streamline patient management


1. Chey W, et al. American college of gastroenterology guideline on the management of helicobacter pylori infection. Am J Gastro 2007; 102: 1808-25.

2. Data on file, Exalenz Bioscience, Ltd.

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