EZ-3 Electrocardiograph

Product Overview
EZ-3 is compact and lightweight, making it easily portable. An AC/DC power supply allows use in virtually any setting. The instrument's self-charging lead-acid battery works twice as long as traditional ECG batteries, providing extended operation when electricity is not readily available.

To insure accuracy, data is acquired on 12 simultaneous leads at the rate of 1000 Hz/lead. ECG traces are stored in a 10 second memory and reproduced in an extraordinarily crisp printout. Traces can be copied in different formats.

The economical EZ-3 provides 3 channel tracings of 12 simultaneous leads. It is available with or without interpretation.

3-Channel ECG

12 simultaneous lead ECG acquisition

AC/DC power with rechargeable lead-acid battery

Available with Interpretation

  • Easy, one key automatic operation.
  • Long-life rechargeable battery allows use in virtually any setting.
  • Three channel printing is optimally spaced on 3.6' wide paper, eliminating tracing overlap.
  • Real time printing in manual mode.
  • User-selected filters eliminate AC, baseline and wandering noise.
  • ECG and patient cable are shielded to assure best signal quality.
  • Option of permanent or disposable silver/silver chloride electrodes for clean tracings.
  • Available with English, Spanish or French software.
  • Educational Resources