P8000 Power

Product Overview
Futuremed's new P8000 Power is a sleek, attractive and economically priced instrument that lets you start out with a resting ECG and add (gradually, if desired) the ability to perform spirometry or exercise stress testing.

P8000 Power's unique features includes:

  • Two printing options:
    A high resolution digital printer generates full page (8.5 x 11”) reports.
    P8000Power can be connected directly to standard printers. This feature lets you print non-fading reports using generic copy paper.
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard for personalizing reports with patient data and physicians' notes.
  • Shortcut buttons make navigation easy and fast.
  • Real time display of flow/volume or time/volume graphs help ensure test quality. The high resolution screen also lets you preview tracings prior to printing.
  • Adult and pediatric ECG interpretation programs
  • Multiple spirometry interpretation programs including Knudson, ITS, ERS and others.
  • AC/DC operation with a rechargeable battery (~300 ECG or 100 spirometry reports/charge), ideal for mobile testing and in emergency situations.
  • Memory for storing data and graphs.

    P8000 Power meets ATS, OSHA and Social Security standards for spirometry.
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