Product Overview

Spiropalm 6MWT is a new device that incorporates a spirometer with a pulse oximeter and ventilation monitor.

During a 6 Minute Walk Test, this compact and lightweight combination can be easily worn by a patient on a harness or a belt to collect real-time data. The resulting report provides clinicians with a cohesive and comprehensive means of evaluating 6-MWT results.

Features include:
  • Continuous measurement of SpO2 & HR throughout the walking/exercise period makes the clinician aware of desaturation that may have occured during the 6 minute walk but which was reversed by the end of the test
  • Measurement of Minute Ventilation (VE) and Breathing Pattern during walking
  • Measurement of Breathing Reserve (BR) and evaluation of Ventilatory Limitation
  • Evaluation of Dynamic Hyperinflation with Inspiratory Capacity (IC) measurement
  • Complete spirometry including FVC, Pre/Post FVC comparison, Bronchial challenge test, MVV and SVC
  • Internal memory for storing hundreds of tests
  • Spiropalm Flash Drive (included) provides an alternative for storing reports in pdf format
  • Reports are generated by connecting directly to a standard USB printer
  • Data Management Software (included) for transferring patient files to a computer and for interfacing with other programs
Additional Spirometry Features:
  • Real-time Graphs - Simultaneous Flow/Volume loop and time/Volume graph in real-time
  • Bronchial Challenge Testing - Methacholine, cold air, or exercise can be used to induce bronchospasm and to identify and treat asthma.
  • Pediatric Incentive - "Bubbles" encourages patients to perform tests properly so you have optimal results quickly and easily.
  • Quality Control Messages - Software-driven messages help the technician recognize testing errors and validate a maneuver's technical quality.
  • Alphanumeric Keyboard - Reports can be personalized with patient data, notes, and a header.
  • Choice of Prediction Standards - Spiropalm is programmed with a choice of predicted normals, including NHANESIII, Knudson, ITS, Crapo, and other predicted sets.
  • Economical - Cost effective way to perform diagnostic spirometry using your choice of mouthpiece or bacterial filter.
  • Choice of Languages - Spiropalm is available in English, Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, and Turkish.
  • Accurate - Spiropalm meets or exceeds ATS standards for accuracy. Its unique sensor design is not affected by environmental changes. The built-in temperature sensor and the ability to make BTPS corrections ensure that measurements are exact for a wide range of flows, with low resistance.
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