Product Overview
Achilles EXPII
The Achilles ultrasonometer is a compact, portable, cost-effective solution for evaluating risk of osteoporotic fracture. As a osteoporosis assesment tool, it can be used to drive referrals to your table system. Its low precision error makes it suitable to monitor bone changes over time such as those associated with disease progression or response to therapy. Currently, there are more than 5,000 facilities around the world who have tested millions of patients with the Achilles bone ultrasonomete
Lunar Prodigy Primo
The Lunar Prodigy Primo is the latest direct-digital narrow-angle fan-beam densitometer in the globally recognized Lunar Prodigy series from GE Healthcare. From standard AP Spine and DualFemur capabilities to advanced Vertebral Fracture Assessment studies, you can assess your patient's bone health in a fast and seamless computer-driven operation. The enCORE Windows-driven software platform optimizes automation, saving you time, yet providing consistent results.