GE Healthcare Ultrasound

Product Overview
The Vscan imaging device offers image quality that until recently was only available as a console ultrasound. Vscan leverages GE’s high-quality black and white image technology and color-coded blood flow imaging in a device that fits into a pocket and weighs less than one pound at 3 inches wide and 5.3 inches long. Other features include:

- An online portal provides Vscan users with training tools for the product and basic clinical applications with sections about imaging technique, anatomy and trouble shooting
- Intuitive user interface that can be controlled using the thumb
- Intelligent workflow enhancements
- Battery charger station and battery life of one hour scanning – good for up to 30 patients based on average of 2 minutes per scan
- Voice annotation
- USB docking station
- Link to a PC for organization and export of data
- Gateway software with services tools and remote diagnostics
Educational Resources