"Alma LipoLife System 110-120V "

Product Overview

"Alma LipoLife System 110-120V " - 1

Device Description

An electrically-powered device assembly in which input energy is used to excite a diode to emit a high-power therapeutic laser beam intended to cut, excise, vaporize, and coagulate tissues for general surgery and/or multiple specialized surgical applications (non-dedicated) such as lipolysis, endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD), benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) therapy, and ear/nose/throat (ENT) interventions. It includes a diode laser light source, flexible fibreoptic delivery cable, and controls/foot-switch.

Environmental Conditions

No Data Available

Device Sizes

No Data Available

Device Sterilization

Device Sterile: False

Sterilization Prior To Use: False

Sterilization Methods: No Data Available

Product Codes

Code: GEX

Device Name: Powered Laser Surgical Instrument

Device Class: 2

Physical State: N/A

Definition: A laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) based device having coherence, collimated and typically monochromatic radiation. Typically indicated to to cut, destroy, remove or coagulate tissue, generally soft tissue, for general surgical purpose in medical specialties of general and plastic surgery, dermatology/aesthetic, podiatry, otolaryngology (ent), gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedics (soft tissue), dental and oral surgery, and dentistry. The classification regulation 21 cfr 878.4810 describes a device that is carbon dioxide or argon laser intended to cut, destroy, remove or coagulate tissue by the light.

Submission Type ID: 1

Review Panel: SU

Review Code: N/A

Technical Method: N

Gmp Exempt Flag: N/A

Life Sustain Support Flag: N

Unclassified Reason: N/A

Implant Flag: N

Target Area: N/A

Regulation Number: 878.4810

Third Party Flag: Y

Medical Specialty: SU

Device Identifiers

Device Id: 17290110121324

Device Type: Primary

DeviceId Issuing Agency: GS1

Contains DI Number: N/A

Package Quantity: N/A

Package Discontinue Date: N/A

Package Status: N/A

Package Type: N/A

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