IVD Instrument (SPOTFIRE ® Module).

Product Overview

IVD Instrument (SPOTFIRE ® Module).

Device Description

An electrically-powered automated or semi-automated laboratory instrument intended to amplify target deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA) in a clinical specimen using heat-stable polymerase enzymes and cycles of repeated heating and cooling (i.e., thermal cycling) to replicate a product [i.e., a polymerase chain reaction (PCR)]. Amplified product is detected and/or identified using oligonucleotide markers as it is produced (i.e., in real-time) or at the end-point. The analyser may also isolate, extract and/or prepare nucleic acid from the clinical specimen and/or culture isolate prior to amplification.

Environmental Conditions

No Data Available

Device Sizes

No Data Available

Device Sterilization

Device Sterile: False

Sterilization Prior To Use: False

Sterilization Methods: No Data Available

Product Codes

Code: NSU

Device Name: Instrumentation For Clinical Multiplex Test Systems

Device Class: 2

Physical State: N/A

Definition: Instrumentation for clinical multiplex test systems is a device that is intended to measure and sort multiple signals generated by an assay from a clinical sample. The generated signals from multiple probes or other ligands may be measured by fluorescence, luminescence, or other physical or chemical properties. The device may integrate scanning, reagent handling, hybridization, washing, dedicated instrument control, data acquisition software, raw data storage mechanisms and other essential hardware components along with the signal reader unit. This instrumentation is used with specific assays to comprise an assay test system to measure multiple analytes of a similar chemical nature for de

Submission Type ID: 4

Review Panel: CH

Review Code: N/A

Technical Method: N

Gmp Exempt Flag: N/A

Life Sustain Support Flag: N

Unclassified Reason: N/A

Implant Flag: N

Target Area: N/A

Regulation Number: 862.2570

Third Party Flag: N

Medical Specialty: CH

Device Identifiers

Device Id: 00815381020369

Device Type: Primary

DeviceId Issuing Agency: GS1

Contains DI Number: N/A

Package Quantity: N/A

Package Discontinue Date: N/A

Package Status: N/A

Package Type: N/A

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