Product Overview
Eros PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager)
Omnipod - UST400
Eros Pod Insulin pump.
Omnipod - ZXP420
Mobile App utilized in the PDM (Personal Device Manager) for Dash Insulin pump secondary display. PDM Device 18239; app 41252
Omnipod (Dash) Display App. - 1.3.1
Omnipod 5 Controller (PDM) mg/dl - English with PodPals
Omnipod 5 Controller - PDM-H001-G-XX
Actual downloadable APP, called Omnipod 5 Controller APP
Omnipod 5 Controller APP - 1.0
Omnipod 5 Pod
Omnipod 5 Pod - POD-BLE-H1-520
Omnipod DASH Pod - POD-BLE-11-520
Starter Kit (PDM) mg/dL - Dash, english
Omnipod DASH Starter Kit - PDM-USA1-DOO1-MG-USA1
Omnipod Adhesive Overlay (Podpals)
Omnipod PodPals - POD-X9-990