Product Overview

22mm Head +4
Kyocera Medical Technologies, Inc. - Bipolar Hip

Device Description

An implantable artificial substitute for a diseased or injured femoral head that has an outer surface made of metal [e.g., cobalt-chrome (Co-Cr), titanium (Ti), stainless steel]. It is designed to be attached to the trunnion of a prosthetic femoral stem/shaft or a head/stem adaptor, and to articulate with an acetabulum prosthesis as part of a total hip arthroplasty (THA), or articulate with the natural acetabulum directly or via a bipolar component as part of a partial hip arthroplasty (hemiarthroplasty). The device ranges in form from partially to fully spherical (ball-shaped) and is available in various sizes.

Environmental Conditions

No Data Available

Device Sizes

No Data Available

Device Sterilization

Device Sterile: True

Sterilization Prior To Use: False

Sterilization Methods: No Data Available

Product Codes

Code: KWY

Device Name: Prosthesis, Hip, Hemi-, Femoral, Metal/Polymer, Cemented Or Uncemented

Device Class: 2

Physical State: N/A

Definition: N/A

Submission Type ID: 1

Review Panel: OR

Review Code: N/A

Technical Method: N

Gmp Exempt Flag: N/A

Life Sustain Support Flag: N

Unclassified Reason: N/A

Implant Flag: Y

Target Area: N/A

Regulation Number: 888.3390

Third Party Flag: N

Medical Specialty: OR

Device Identifiers

Device Id: 00841523105632

Device Type: Primary

DeviceId Issuing Agency: GS1

Contains DI Number: N/A

Package Quantity: N/A

Package Discontinue Date: N/A

Package Status: N/A

Package Type: N/A

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