HemoCue Glucose 201 DM

Product Overview

HemoCue Glucose Systems

The HemoCue Glucose systems are based on a glucose dehydrogenase method and consist of a small dedicated analyzer and a unique disposable microcuvette. The systems combine the precision and accuracy of a central laboratory with the speed and convenience of obtaining results at the point-of-care. With just a fraction of a drop of blood and three simple steps, the HemoCue Glucose systems will produce immediate, accurate results for screening, diagnosing or monitoring diabetes, as well as monitoring neonatal blood glucose levels.

Key Benefits of the Glucose Systems

  • Can be used by non-laboratory personnel after a brief training session
  • Produces lab quality results within moments
  • The disposable microcuvettes automatically draw a precise volume of specimen
  • The analyzers are factory calibrated and require a minimum of maintenance
  • No calibration needed between cuvette batches 

HemoCue Glucose 201 DM

The 201 DM systems bring modern Data Management capabilities to the HemoCue product line. By means of a wide range of settings and definable options, the systems can be made to prompt the operator for identification, lot numbers, quality control and other required information during analysis. This data can then be transmitted to clinical information systems.

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