HemoCue Hb 301

Product Overview

This is a new product, however we don’t have an image. Here’s the product description: The HemoCue® Hb 301 system is optimized for use in primary care and blood donation settings with results in approximately 10 seconds and designed for high temperatures and humidity.

The HemoCue® Hemoglobin systems provide an opportunity for quick, simple and reliable quantitative hemoglobin results with lab quality results. The dual wavelength analyzers correct for lipemia, leucocytosis and other sources of turbidity. Any blood source (capillary, venous or arterial whole blood) can be used. The disposable microcuvette collects the exact amount of blood and mixes the sample with the reagents automatically. The microcuvette is placed into the portable analyzer. Results appear on the display screen in about a minute.

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