HemoCue WBC Systems

Product Overview

The HemoCue® WBC system is a unique point-of-care testing system for the quantitative determination of white blood cell (WBC) count. Based on the HemoCue® proven and reliable microcuvette technology, lab quality results are obtained from a finger stick in minutes.

The HemoCue® WBC system only requires 10 µL of whole blood from a finger-stick or a venous EDTA sample. A hemolyzing agent lyses the red cells in the microcuvette and a staining agent colors the white cells. An image is taken of the stained white cells and the number of cells is then counted by image analysis in the analyzer.

Unlike conventional laboratory methods, which measure red and total blood cell counts; the HemoCue® WBC system is a point-of-care device that provides quantitative results of a patient's white blood cell count in about 3 minutes. This will assist the physician in evaluating a patient's condition, while the patient is still in his/her office.

Why to choose HemoCue® WBC System...
  • Lab accurate results in about 3 minutes
  • White blood cell count in the range of 0.3-30.0 x 109/L
  • Simple operation
  • No calibration or instrument adjustment needed
  • Convenient cuvette technology
  • Portable - AC adapter or battery operated
  • Capillary/venous samples can be used - 10 µL sample size

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