ABX Micros 60 with LiteDM

Product Overview

Micros 60 with the LiteDM Patient Data Management System

Why invest in in-office laboratory testing?
  • Because 70%-90% of medical decisions are based on laboratory tests
  • The Micros 60 Hematology Analyzer provides fast and accurate CBC with 3-part diff results to help you deliver more decisive patient care

Micros 60 Hematology Analyzer features include:
  • Closed or open tube sampling
  • Processes 55 samples/hr
  • Uses only 10 µL of sample for the CBC with 3-part diff
  • Averages greater than 300 days between service visits
  • Has a small footprint that fits into the smallest lab spaces
  • Communicates with the LiteDM, which interfaces to LIS and EMR systems
  • Saves time and labor with automatic startups and shutdowns allowing the user to perform other duties

GET CONNECTED with the LiteDM Patient Data Management System!
  • Provides an affordable way to connect up to four analyzers including the Micros 60 hematology analyzer
  • Eliminate transcription errors by automatically consolidating results to one report including manual test results such as urinalysis or HbA1c results
  • Increase productivity by connecting directly to LIS and EMR systems

Streamline and simplify your lab processes while improving patient care and satisfaction with in-office laboratory testing.

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