Micros ES 60

Product Overview

Micros ES 60 3-part Diff Hematology Analyzer

Diagnose and treat patients on the first visit with the Micros ES 60 CBC with 3-part Diff Hematology Analyzer

The Micros ES 60 is an easy-to-use tabletop hematology analyzer providing a CBC with 3-part diff result. Key features include:
  • Closed or open tube sampling
  • Processes 60 samples/hr OT, 50 samples/hr CT
  • Uses only 10 µL of sample for the CBC with 3-part diff
  • Averages greater than 300 days between service visits
  • Has a small footprint that fits into the smallest lab spaces
  • Communicates via HL7 and ATSM connectivity to LIS and EMR systems
  • Saves time and labor with automatic startups and shutdowns allowing the user to perform other duties

Connect the Micros ES 60 and the LiteDM Patient Data Management System to consolidate hematology results with other analyzer and manual test results for improved workflow efficiencies.
  • Connect up to four analyzers including the Micros 60 hematology analyzer
  • Eliminate transcription errors by automatically consolidating results to one report including manual test results such as urinalysis or HbA1c
  • Increase productivity by connecting directly to LIS and EMR systems

Streamline and simplify your lab processes while improving patient care and satisfaction with in-office laboratory testing.

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