U-Blok Anesthesiology Ultrasound System

Product Overview
The $40,000 high resolution ultrasound system with color flow Doppler and lots of bells and whistles is a no-brainer.

The $4,995 no-frills ultrasound system that let's you see what you need to see is a U-Blok.

Think of U-Blok as the Kia of ultrasound imaging systems. It will get you where you need to go, at an affordable price. (We've been told U-Blok images are reminiscent of those from a Sonosite Titan - of which Sonosite sold thousands!).

If you're used to a high-end system, it may take you a little while to get used to the U-Blok. It's like using Bi-Focals or Progressive lenses for the first time. We just ask that you give it a little time, and rest assured, people are doing blocks every day with U-Blok.

U-Blok: The "best value" solution. U-Blok is "Cloud Ready" with integrated and automatic report generation and e-claim filing. If you are working in an ASC, on a budget, or need a back-up system, the U-Blok may be just right for you.
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