Product Overview

CDS M-Series Hematology Analyzers
  • Accurate and Precise: Delivers excellent patient results.
  • Bar Coding: Standard with all systems giving you positive patient identification and reduces transcription errors.
  • Zero Daily Maintenance: No daily shutdown, engineered to eliminate lengthy cleaning procedures.
  • Services: Highly reliable, excellent uptime record. Provides an automated cost effective solution

16 parameter, 3 part differential systems designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable patient results with ease.

Patient Outcomes
High quality engineering and technology ensures system precision resulting in sample accuracy. This concept and design will reduce repeats, send outs and manual intervention.

Simple to Use
Touch screen displays and on board step by step instruction makes operation easy. Bar coding, cap piercing and auto sampling reduce errors and ensure positive patient identification.

Cost Effective
Saves time and money with a complete system that is virtually maintenance free. It also eliminates the need for expensive consumables for handling finger sticks and reduces the need for service support.

Technical Specification:
  • 16-Parameter, 3 Part Diff
  • Up to 60 Samples Per Hour
  • Results in 45 Seconds
  • Automatic Sampling
  • Micro Sampling
  • Stat Sampling
  • LCD Color Touch Screen Display
  • Histogram on Screen Display
  • On Board Step By Step Operation Instructions
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Sample Memory
  • Control Memory
  • Program Files
  • Clot Removal
  • On Board QC Including LJ, XB
  • Blood Detectors
  • Auto Hgb Blank
  • Hgb Correction
  • Reagent Level Sensors
  • Warning Flags
  • Parameter Flags
  • Interface Ready
  • Zero Daily Maintenance

  • Key Board
  • Data Management Package

Small Footprint 16.15 x 11.43 x 18.12
Autoloader 16.94 x 13 x 18.12
39.6 Pounds - Open / Closed Vial
48.4 Pounds - Autoloader
Power Consumption 100VA
Power Consumption (stand-by) 20VA
Frequency 50/60HZ

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