The Strawberry Laser Lipo System

Product Overview

Special Physicians Office Resource Pricing of $24,750 for a limited time. The Special includes the laser, warranty (1st yr), training, certification, access to their online media help and website locator service.

The Strawberry Laser Lipo is a non-invasive coherent diode laser system that received FDA approval in September of 2013. With hundreds of units now installed in the US, we continue to grow our customer base. Clinical results achieved have been consistent (and in many instances better) with those documented in the double-blind study approved by the FDA in which patients experienced an average inch-loss of 3.67" to a single waistline measurement within 30 days. Moreover, the Strawberry Laser Lipo system has significant advantages compared to other inch loss systems currently available, including operating expenses, patient experiences and clinical results. Here are five (5) more compelling reasons why you would want to consider implementing this new product/service and revenue stream:

  1. There is a growing consumer market for non-invasive inch loss treatments
    1. The Aesthetic Market is estimated to be $20B industry in 2020, with low double-digit growth
    2. Non-invasive inch loss and body contouring is becoming more mainstream
    3. Offer a non-invasive solution when a surgical solution is not optimal
  2. The Strawberry Laser Lipo system is a FDA cleared and provides the best results in the industry
    1. 1 new patient a week could generate $100,000 annually
    2. Double-Blind FDA monitored study results available
    3. Average inch loss achieved 3.67 inches in 30 days (2x a week, 4 weeks)
    4. Treatments are 20min, completely non-invasive and produce immediate results
  3. The Strawberry Laser Lipo system is a turn-key and comprehensive total solution
    1. All components and training included with NO consumables or further operating costs
    2. Collaborative Mktg. opportunities
    3. 1yr warranty/maintenance included
  4. The Strawberry Laser Lipo system can be easily purchased with 0% financing for 1yr and NO credit check (Or many other financing options available)
    1. Manufacture Special Financing now available, $5000 down, 0% interest for 1yr, and NO CREDIT CHECK
    2. Traditional Financing..We work with many different financial Institutions to provide you the best rates, Practice Starting Incentives ($99/month/6months)
  5. The Strawberry Laser Lipo system can grow your practice through additional revenues and referrals
    1. Your patients will love the fact there is no pain, no recovery time and immediate results
    2. These non-invasive treatments do not need to be performed by a physician
    3. Treat new patients and referrals you wouldn’t otherwise treat (unknown to you, costs, fear..etc)
    4. Leverage National media attention, collaborative marketing opportunities and your current patient population

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