MDScope Video Otoscope

Product Overview

State-of-the-Art Otoscope 

MDScope has announced the launch of the first portable, digital video otoscope.  The MDScope is a unique otoscope featuring high resolution imaging on a built-in video screen

This Video Otoscope is the first of its kind as it also features a 2.4 inch digital LCD video screen attached to its handle.  It operates with the world’s smallest camera using a 2mm x 2mm image sensing device which provides a high resolution digital image.  The image is displayed on the LCD screen and can be captured and saved by using a video out port connected to a monitor or computer Also, pictures can be taken before and after an illness for assessment.

The MDScope is multi-functional as it is designed to be used with interchangeable scopes such as a dermatoscope or an ophthalmoscope.  It is used with normal exam procedures and because it runs on batteries, it is completely portable. 

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