Astra 300 Spirometer

Product Overview

Astra 300 Spirometer Puts Sophisticated Simplicity in the Palm of Your Hand. The Touchscreen Makes It Easy. SDI Makes It Accurate.

Easily report your choice of up to 40 spirometry test parameters, all measured accurately and precisely with the highly sophisticated Astra 300 Spirometer. Using the bright and sensitive touchscreen, you can easily access multifunctional capabilities and view both graphic and tabular data. Entering patient data, patient testing and reporting couldn’t be easier. Exporting test data to a printer or PC via USB is quickly accomplished with just a few stylus taps on the touchscreen. A Bluetooth-to-PC module is available as as option for truly wireless communication.

Choose whatever testing configuration fits your needs best:

• Test patients in your office or lab, with a wide array of testing configurations.
• Observe test results in real time.
• Download test results to the patient’s permanent record.
• Perform interactive real-time testing on your PC.
• Save results to permanent records or print hard copies of selected data.

More SDI Astra 300 Spirometer features:

• Bright LED touch screen display
• Measures over 40 parameters of FVC, VC AND MVV
• Internal temperture sensor
• Mulitifunction testing capibility
• Tailor your testing modality as needed
• Choice of custom pre set programs
• Facilitates patient data entry and easy to read data
• Speedy wireless interface for interactive testing
• Automatic BTPS correction
• Fast and easy documentation
• Insures reliable test results
• Accurate and presice measurments
• Full size printouts
• Audible end of test alert

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