Bionet CardioCare 2000 Interpretive ECG

Product Overview


In the 12 channel ECG, CardioCare2000 is the first FDA approved product in Korea. Because it detects 12 channel cardiac data which acquired in the same time, it provides the more accurate and detailed diagnosing information than 3 or 6 channel ECG does. There are 3 operation modes of monitoring, recording and copy for user's convenience. Through the modem interface the ECG data can be transmitted directly into the fax machine in the other area for the consultation. Print Grid function allows the use of thermal fax paper instead of expensive ECG paper.

Accurate diagnosis information

  • Accurate 12-leads data acquisition when a problem occurred.
  • 85 kinds of Interpretation results based on advanced Minnesota code.

    Easily readable A4 size chart paper

  • No need to tear and paste a chart according to channel
  • Convenient chart filing

    Economical maintenance fee

  • Normal fax paper usable with grid function
  • ECG paper costs users up to 4 times of normal fax paper price

    Modem interface (fax transmitting/receiving function)

  • Fax dialing function enables the user to send ECG data in the other fax machine.
  • Can receive the consultation result from ECG machine.

    PC interface (RS-232)

  • PC Monitoring and printing with normal printer
  • Diagnosis of several ECGs in one area
  • Efficient patient information management system


  • CardioCare 2000 main unit
  • AC power cord
  • Patient cable
  • 1 roll paper
  • Alligator clips
  • Electrodes
  • Operation manual
  • Diagnostics guide book
  • Instructive training CD manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • 3-year warranty
Items Included
  • All accessories provided by the manufacturer are included, including EKG Paper, EKG electrodes, Operators Manual, Power Cord, Patient Cable and Alligator Clips.

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