IQMARK Digital Spirometer

Product Overview

Introducing a significant advancement in Spirometry

The IQmark Digital Spirometer enables you to perform FVC, VC and MVV tests as well as printing full-page reports on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Performing Pre- and Post-Bronchodilator tests is straightforward for both you and your patients. The Spirometer utilizes a Disposable Pneumotach Mouthpiece that minimizes the chance of patient cross-contamination, ensuring safe and convenient testing. Using the Spirometer’s data with smoking-cessation programs increases the success rate of the participants. By entering the patient’s smoking history into the IQmark Digital Spirometer, it will automatically report the patient’s Lung Age and COPD Risk. You can use this information to show your patients the current physical condition of their lungs.

Data-Management Philosophy

We know that many medical offices are either looking for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software packages or have already incorporated an EMR into their practices. To address this, Midmark has created an integration software solution that enables EMRs to directly acquire diagnostic data into their database. Contact your Midmark representative to find out if your EMR is currently integrated or to discuss your future integration solutions.

Accurate and Precise

The IQmark Digital Spirometer was tested at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. Below is a summary table of the results compared to the spirometry recommendations of the ATS Standardization of Spirometry, 1994 Update

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