Renaissance II Spirometry System

Product Overview

Product Features

Easy to use, quick set-up, no warm-up time. The Renaissance II system's intuitive design includes quick keys for set up, pre-programmed function keys, and audio/visual patient incentives so minimal training is needed.

Real-time display allows you to view the test as it's being performed, and the audio-visual incentive helps ensure patient cooperation and quality results.

The Renaissance II system meets American Thoracic Society (ATS) standards for accuracy and precision, and uses a disposable flow sensor to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination and reduce staff clean-up time.

Wide variety of testing parameters to meet individual needs, including pre/post comparisons, predicted normals and results interpretation.

Ability to calculate 'Return On Investment' (ROI) so clinicians can immediately calculate the economic advantages of adding the Renaissance II Spirometry System to their office.

1,000-patient memory — backed up with lithium ion batteries to store patient data.

Color printout reports for simple interpretation and quick viewing.

The unique Puritan Bennett five-year warranty exchange program ensures years of trouble-free spirometry testing.

The kit includes the following:

Renaissance ® II Spirometer
Base station for spirometer
AC Adapter
1 Box of FSII Sensors
Dataflow Software
Calibration Syringe

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