Product Overview

Your choice of test modes: True Portability: Mobile Mode * Test patient in the field (or in the office) * Read data directly from screen display * Completely mobile; no wiring required Direct-to-Printer: Print Mode * Test patient in your office * Connect Astra200 to your printer * Print custom comprehensive report Direct-to-PC: Download Mode * Test patient in your office or lab * Connect Astra200 to your PC * Download test results to the patientís permanent record * Print selected data from stored files Direct-to-PC: Interactive Mode * Connect Astra200 to PC or laptop * Test patient in your lab or office * Observe test results in real time * View comprehensive results or perform bronchoprovocation studies * Save results to permanent records or print hard copies 


* Highly configurable program 
* Bright LCD display screen 
* AstraPro Software included 
* Measures over 40 parameters of FVC, VC and MVV 
* Optional Bluetooth to PC 
* Internal temperature sensor 
* Choice of 14 Predicted Authors 
* Direct USB PC and printer connection 
* Full size report printouts 
* Firmware upgrades at no charge 
* Test quality assurance prompts 
* Automatic interpretation 
* AccuFlo Digital Turbine 
* Automated maneuver acceptability 
* Attractively priced 
* No proprietary disposables 
* Audible end-of-test alert 
* Choice of custom or pre-set programs 
* Easy-to-read data, comments and interpretation 
* PC and EMR compatibility 
* Includes latest NLHEP guidelines 
* Speedy wireless communication 
* Automatic BTPS correction 
* Race specific equations/Ethnic correction 
* Fast and easy documentation 
* Necessary for reimbursement 
* Keeps your instrument current 
* Insures reliable test results 
* Aids in rapid diagnosis 
* Accurate and precise measurements 
* Assures repeatability 
* Superior investment to income ratio 
* Low cost per test, lower cost of ownership 
* Assures accurate results

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