Welch Allyn Ear Wash System

Product Overview

Ear washing is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the primary care office. The Welch Allyn Ear Wash System provides a safe and effective way to remove cerumen from patients of all ages. This method of irrigation is much cleaner and safer than other irrigation methods currently on the market.


Welch Allyn Ear Wash System Features:

  • Simplicity of operation--quick and easy set up.
  • Pressure regulation--regulates the output pressure to prevent damage to the tympanic membrane or ossicular chain.
  • Temperature indicator/control--light will turn green when the water is at body temperature, and will automatically turn off if the water gets too hot.
  • Suctioning action--to reduce messy 'outflow'.
  • Multi-functional disposable tip--provides a seal at the ear canal. It has an outflow channel to direct water back to the drain, and a filter in the tip collects the cerumen - allowing the practitioner to see when the cleaning is complete. The tips can be used on children and adults.
  • Portability--can be moved from room to room easily, or transported off-site if necessary. All necessary components store easily in the storage tray.
  • Affordable.
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